David Perlmutter, MD and a certified neurologist, believes that rumbling in the abdomen is a signal from your body that the product has deposited in the form of fat and has not been used as “energy fuel” for the body. Processed foods that are high in carbohydrates, which we often consume for breakfast, increase insulin levels, as a result of which the blood sugar level deviates from the norm and you feel hungry again (even if you literally ate 15 minutes ago).In addition to the usual culprits – fruit juice, soda, cookies and cakes – there are many other products that hide under the guise of “healthy” and make your system junk. Perhaps just one of these 7 products is to blame for your rumbling tummy? 

1. Whole grain bread

Whole grain English buns combined with peanut butter will saturate you before lunch? No chance. Bread, even whole grains, has an extremely high glycemic index and raises blood sugar faster and stronger than the Snickers bar. It sounds silly, but it’s the pure truth: excessive amounts of carbohydrates increase insulin levels, which in turn leads to weight gain and serious illnesses, including diabetes.

2. Breakfast cereal

Even if this is a very fortified option, cereals (due to the low water content) will not be able to maintain your feeling of fullness for a long time. The best idea is to cook oatmeal in water or almond milk.

3. Fruits

Fruits certainly have some nutritional benefits, but the fruits cannot suppress appetite. For this, we can thank our ancestors who ate ripe berries only once a year at the end of summer, signaling the organs of the body that winter was approaching and it was time to stock up on an additional layer of fat for thermal insulation. Currently, we have access to fruits 365 days a year , but our body does not feel the difference. Instead of fruit, cook two eggs in olive oil and eat half an avocado.

4. Yogurt

Yogurt seems like a smart choice for breakfast. You get protein, calcium and a lot of bio-bacteria for better digestion and immunity, but five tablespoons of low-fat yogurt will not satisfy your need for food. Add walnuts or replace low-fat yogurt with Greek and then it will be good.

5. Salad

We do not want to say that you should stop eating greens, but it is important to know how to make a salad that can pacify hunger. To get a really healthy and satisfying breakfast, mix greens with protein (salmon, chicken, turkey) and season them with olive oil. Hard cheese or avocado can be added to taste.

6. Fragrant dishes

Caesar salad, pasta pesto, chicken with barbecue sauce … If you have too many aromatic dishes on the table, then you can eat a little more at one time than you expected. Studies have shown that a variety of foods increases appetite and calorie intake, but instead of tons of seasonings and sauces, something more healthy can be used because the essence of this will not change.

7. Sushi

It is hard to feel completely full while eating sushi. They are small, but in one roll, a triple serving of carbohydrates and about 120 calories per 100 grams. Instead of sushi, try miso soup or a salad with ginger dressing, and the famous Japanese dishes, like red wine, are best left for dinner. Moreover, a glass of alcohol is recommended to drink in the middle of admission.