If you strictly monitor the number of calories consumed, we strongly recommend taking into account the results of a new Labdoor study, which has reliably shown that by absorbing oil, you get rid of a reasonable amount of calories, which can save you a few extra pounds on the waist every year. 

How many calories are you asking?

A simple press with a napkin or paper towel removes from the surface of the pizza most of the excess fat that rises to the top layer when cooking your favorite dish. Pepperoni pizza has about 324 calories, 117 of which are located in the fat upper layer.

Having acquired the habit of soaking pizza, you absorb 5 grams of fat and almost 40.5 calories, which in the end will positively affect your figure. Almost 400 grams of fat per year, which means 2 completely unnecessary kilograms at your waist, is something that you can easily completely eliminate yourself.

Some pizza lovers remain skeptical about this, but if this method means the ability to eat a few slices more pizza with less guilt, then we are all for it!