Interesting facts about cucumbers

Interesting Facts About Cucumbers

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What is special about cucumbers and why they are the most important ingredient in almost every salad and in many dishes of restaurants and home cooking, but what is so special about this modest vegetable? Let’s find out with you interesting and fun facts about cucumbers, is it really a miracle vegetable?

  • In fact, they are just a storehouse of vitamins. They contain vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6, folic acid, vitamin C, iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, while cucumbers are 95% water.
  • Cucumbers, as it may seem strange, are able to remove the unpleasant smell from the mouth. A piece of cucumber pressed to the sky with a tongue for 30 seconds kills bacteria, which are the source of an unpleasant smell. But we should not forget that often the problem lies much deeper than the oral cavity.
  • The wax coating of the cucumber can actually remove the ink, if rubbing the ink with the cucumber, then the wax with which the cucumber is coated will gradually remove what the pen has written. Unlike school erasers, which can also remove ink, cucumbers handle ink.


Health benefits of cucumber


  • Cucumbers contain lignans: laracirasinol, pinorezinol and sezoizolaritsiresinol (I hope you did not “break” the language about these scientific terms). They are believed to be associated with a reduced risk of developing certain types of cancer, including breast, ovarian, colon and prostate cancer. When we eat cucumbers (of course, fresh cucumbers), the bacteria in our digestive tract capture lignans and turn them into enterolignans, which bind to estrogen receptors, which, in turn, are responsible for reducing the risk of cancer.
  • Mashed cucumber or simply sliced ​​cucumber gives instant relief for tanned skin. Simply apply the cucumber mass to the affected area from sunburn.
  • We are all happy to look at the achievements, sometimes absurd achievements, in the Guinness Book of Records. Do not believe it, but cucumbers also got into the Guinness book, though not without the help of a certain Ashrita Furman, who managed to cut 27 cucumbers with the help of the sword she kept in her mouth. This “exciting” event took place on October 9, 2013 in New York.
  • The mass passion for watching funny videos with animals on YouTube showed that cats simply turned to stone from the appearance of cucumbers, jumping or rushing away after the cucumber was placed next to them. Why? Dr. Roger Magford, a specialist in animal behavior, said that such a reaction occurs because when the cat bows its head over a bowl and eats, it is extremely unexpected for it to discover an unidentified object next to itself, which was placed secretly next to the bowl. Many people think that this is also due to the fact that cats confuse cucumber with a predator … .. Oh God, poor cats. Green monsters are attacking
  • Cucumbers are eaten for a very long time. They first appeared on the domestic market and grew up in ancient India around the 2nd – 3rd millennium BC.
  • The temperature in a cucumber can vary greatly with the outer shell and the inner part. The outer shell of a cucumber may be much colder than the cucumber itself.
  • In 2014, German authorities discovered drugs worth about $ 56 million, which were smuggled inside cans of pickled cucumbers and sent to Iran from Germany. Very interesting and fun facts about cucumbers …


Benefits of cucumbers


  • The green vegetable was transported from Haiti in 1494 by the famous explorer Christopher Columbus and began his “cucumber procession” around the world.
  • World production of cucumbers in 2010 amounted to 57.5 million tons. Only one China grows and exports 40.7 million tons of cucumbers per year.
  • David Thomas from the UK in 2015 grew the heaviest cucumber in the world, weighing 12.9 kg.
  • Cucumbers can help reduce eye puffiness. Ascorbic and coffee acids reduce water levels, reducing puffiness. Therefore, ladies, do not hesitate to walk in the morning with cucumbers in front of you. Real beauty can not be spoiled!
  • Cucumber was the cause of the 2015/2016 Salmonella outbreak in the USA. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in March 2016 recorded 907 cases of poisoning and 6 deaths.

If you are a cucumber lover, then you are on the right track in this “love” for cucumbers. As you already understood, many useful properties are hidden, in spite of the fact that it looks very boring and does not attract even a pronounced aroma.

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