The benefits of apples

The Benefits of Apples

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Apples are present in the diet of almost every person, whose benefits and harms directly depend on their proper consumption, are capable of supplying the human body with beneficial substances and trace elements. Let’s find out the benefits of apples.


Apples – a lot of nutrients

Useful properties of apples are determined by their unique composition. Despite the variety of varieties, the beneficial elements contained in these fruits are similar. About 80% of the total composition is water. The remaining 20% ​​is fiber, carbohydrates and organic acids. The bones of this fruit with reasonable use bear some benefit.

Concentration of important components reaches its maximum in freshly picked fruit. The beneficial properties of apples cause no doubt. When consumed, the human body receives the following substances:

  • pectin, which improves the activity of the intestines and facilitates its purification from slags;
  • antioxidants that slow down the oxidation processes in the human body;
  • tannins with anti-inflammatory effects in diseases of the cardiovascular and urogenital systems in both women and men;
  • tannins that prevent the precipitation of salts, which in turn is an excellent prevention of urolithiasis;
  • vitamins C, B 1 , B 2 , E, P;
  • The health benefits of apples are justified by the content of such minerals as magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, copper, and chlorine. But most of all in this fruit is iron, which is responsible for the quality of blood and calcium, so necessary for the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system.

Having an idea of ​​how apples are useful and how to use them correctly, you can not only enjoy the amazing freshness and taste of these fruits, but also use them for medicinal purposes.


Types of apples


The benefits of roasted, dried and baked apples

It is a question that is of interest to many which fruits are best consumed – dipped, dried or baked. The most useful product is considered fresh. But in the processed apples there are many useful elements. The benefits of baked apples, dried or soaked, is determined by their unique composition.


When drying, the liquid evaporates from the fruit, they also lose a small part of vitamin C. But all the other minerals, acids and vitamins remain. This product has a high content of iodine and pectin.

The use of dried apples lies in their ability to improve digestion, beneficially affect the work of the intestines, promote metabolic processes, which is especially important for women.


The benefits of baked apples are as great as the raw ones. During heat treatment, the lion’s share of important components is preserved. Especially a lot of this product contains pectin.

Baked fruits peeled from the skin are an excellent remedy for chronic pancreatitis, cholecystitis, bowel disease. In addition, an amazing product is able to restore the functioning of the digestive system after operations on the abdominal cavity.

Baked apples, the benefits and harms of this delicacy have been known since time immemorial. Knowing the benefits of baked apples and how to use them properly, you can safely include this product in your diet.


Eating apples benefits


Wet fruit

Soaked apples – a fairly common type of canning for the winter. In addition, their beneficial properties are not inferior to the fresh product. Wet fruits contain quite a lot of fiber and plant fibers, being an excellent stimulator of intestinal activity. A large amount of ascorbic acid makes wet apples a great way to stimulate natural immunity. Also this product is rich in calcium, which makes it indispensable as a prophylactic against osteoporosis.

Slimming apples

The benefits and harms of apples for weight loss – a topic about which they talk and write a lot. The high fiber content has made this fruit an indispensable dietary product, popular among women who want to lose weight. However, many representatives of the weaker sex are concerned with the question: what kind of fruit is better to use for weight loss – red or green, and how useful are green apples?

The calorie content of this fruit depends on the variety and growing conditions. It should be noted that red apples have a higher calorific value (47 units) than green ones (35 units). Therefore, it is the green fruit is recommended to use during diets.

Apple seeds

Many people absorb this fruit, not even leaving seeds. Use apple pits should be with extreme caution. Sunflower seeds contain a large amount of hydrocyanic acid dangerous for human health. Moreover, if you managed to swallow 3-4 such bones, then do not worry. However, they should not be specially used.

Rich in a similar product and iodine content. However, to use the bones of the apple in order to compensate for this element does not make sense, since they are not able to cope with such a task.


Apples in tree


Contraindications of apples

Despite the fact that the benefits of apples for the human body is palpable, there are still situations in which it is desirable to refrain from consuming this product. Which ones, consider below:

  • Duodenal ulcer and gastritis;
  • Allergy sufferers should use red and orange fruits with caution.
  • tooth enamel does not like the acid contained in apples. After eating this fruit raw it is recommended to rinse your mouth with water.
  • People with a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus, before using this product is better to consult a doctor.

The harm of the apples in most cases comes down to contraindications associated with the peculiarities of the state of health.

Recently, the question of whether to eat this fruit at night is being actively discussed. If so, for what? It should be noted that there is no consensus on this issue. On the one hand, eating apples at night is undesirable, because they contain sugar. On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that the fetus is quickly digested, so an apple eaten for the night certainly does not pose difficulties in falling asleep or disturbing sleep. Thus, one of the best ways to combat nighttime hunger is to eat a small bullseye for the night.


How to choose apples

The health benefits of apples are determined by the right choice of this product. When choosing a fruit in a store or on the market, you need to pay attention to some of the nuances.

  • To the touch fruits should be strong, without spots and dents.
  • They must have a pleasant apple flavor.
  • Big fruits are often overripe, compared with small ones.
  • You should prefer those apples, which quickly become dark when cut.
  • It is better to buy such a fruit from grandmothers who, when grown, put their soul into them.
  • If the fruit is with a wormhole, then this is evidence that it was grown without chemistry, which means it is natural.
  • Dark seeds are an indicator of the ripeness of the fruit, while white or partially brown seeds warn that the product is not ripe.




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