The benefits of onions

The benefits of onions

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All plants growing on planet Earth, play, of course, a big role in people’s lives. But there are those who are a permanent attribute in every kitchen worldwide. These are vegetables. Among them is a representative of the Amaryllis family, such a familiar and unfamiliar bow.

Familiar because the first impressions of the onions, we endure since childhood, when we see how in contact with this plant, my mother shed bitter tears. And we are at a loss, what could hurt her so much.
And unfamiliar because, in addition to the fact that the onion is bitter and it is useful to eat it, so as not to get sick with colds, we know little about it.

A little story about onions

Long ago, back in the Stone Age, people began to plant those plants that they thought were useful. So onion the first information is dated to the fourth millennium, of course, BC.
Nutritional values of onion
Homeland of onions is considered Central Asia. Different types of wild onions, can be found around the globe. Therefore, it is difficult to say for sure where it was first cultivated for the first time.
Some researchers believe that this is Afghanistan. From there, onions spread to other Asian countries. From Asia, the plant falls into Greece and Egypt. Then to the Roman Empire. From there already to other European countries.

The benefits of onions

Onion is perhaps the most common and most sought-after species, at least in our area. About its healing properties known for a long time.
If we consider the composition of the bulb from the point of view of a chemist, then the bulk of this product takes, as in most vegetables – water. In 100 g of onion it is approximately grams 86. Then go according to the quantitative composition of carbohydrates – 8.2 g. Food fiber in 3 g onions. 1.4 g is occupied by proteins. 1 g accounted for ash substances. 0.2 g make up fats.
The onion composition – 12 essential amino acids. In percentage terms, the largest amount is occupied by tryptophan – 5%. The smallest is histidine – 0.01 g (1%). There are eight substitutable amino acids in onion bulb.
Health benefits of onions
It contains vitamins E and C. A large number of B vitamins. These are thiamine and riboflavin. Pyridoxine accounts for as much as 6%, and 2% for pantothenic acid. Large selection of onion onion macro and micro elements.


  • This plant is used for the treatment and prevention of diseases in the form of cheese mainly. It can be used both whole and as a slurry or onion juice. It all depends on what needs to be treated.
  • For example, juice is very useful for intestinal diseases. Especially in inflammatory processes. To do this, it is recommended to drink one teaspoon of onion juice, only fresh, before eating. This should be done several times a day (3 – 4).
  • The juice has a beneficial effect on the liver. It is used as a light diuretic. He also benefits in the treatment of atherosclerosis, reduces the content of the so-called bad cholesterol in the blood.
  • With bronchitis , the use of onion juice mixed with honey is indicated.
  • This juice is also an excellent remedy for the fight with worms. For example, to get rid of worms you need to drink a few days in a row (3-4), and, on an empty stomach, fresh onion brew (1/2 cup).
  • Recent studies have shown that drinking regular onions reduces the risk of malignant tumors. Even slows the growth of existing ones.


Healthy onion choice


Use of onions

The use of such a beautiful and healing product, like onions, is available to almost everyone. After all, for this you do not need, in principle, any special culinary abilities.
After all, this vegetable is just enough to cut and add to any dish. Be it potatoes, meat or fish. You can not cut, just bite off parts that are acceptable to you and fill your body with vitamins and other useful components.
If you have the time and the desire to cook, you can try other more complex dishes and recipes.

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