Benefits of zucchini

The Benefits of Zucchini

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Zucchini are very popular, but what are the benefits of zucchini? Ripe zucchini has an elongated, oblong shape. It is noteworthy that these fruits are found in different colors: green, yellowish-white, a lot of these vegetables can be seen with stripes on the sides. Squashes can be perfectly stored for a long time, without losing their useful features. These popular vegetables are growing from the very beginning of spring, and fructification lasts as long as warm summer days last.

It is worth noting that the zucchini does not require any difficult growing conditions: it grows well on beds under the open sky and even better and faster under the film.


Types of zucchini


What are the benefits of zucchini?

These vegetables have a very low calorie because of what they are included in the diet of healthy, diet food. The caloric level is 23 kcal. At the same time from the fruit, you can extract a great therapeutic benefit.

Experts found out that in zucchini there are various things important for health. Among them are: fats; organic acids; unsaturated fatty acids; coarse fibers; saccharide compounds. In sufficient quantities in zucchini contain carbohydrates and proteins. A significant percentage of the mass of ripe fruit is water.

Doctors respect these vegetables for the fact that they can improve the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. Healing their constituent elements affect the mucous membranes. The use of zucchini helps get rid of toxic substances, expel excess water from the body and fully absorb proteins. Based on this, zucchini is recommended to include in the diet of those who have a great desire to forget about swelling in the tissues and overweight. Zucchini also contains many natural minerals and a solid set of vitamins.

Of the vitamins, it is worthwhile to indicate the presence of the following most important compounds: PP, B9, C, H, B3, B6, A, B1, B2.

The mineral composition of these vegetables includes: iron, sodium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and sodium.

If you include the ripe fruits of zucchini in the composition of salads, you can get dishes that allow you to fill the body with vitamins in the doses that every person should have if he wants to be healthy and vigorous.


Cooking zucchini


In addition to direct pulp, squash juice has useful properties. He is able to positively influence the nerves and helps to fully get enough sleep and sleep calmly. If the juice, squeezed from a vegetable, make a decoction, then it can be quite successfully used to eliminate problems associated with the skin. Zucchini is also good for feeding people suffering from high blood pressure and those who want to improve the health of the kidneys and liver.

The presence of potassium with magnesium in the zucchini is very favorable for the work of the heart muscle. In addition, the inclusion of this vegetable crop in the daily diet contributes to good prevention of vascular diseases.

Experts respect these vegetables for helping to cope well with the manifestation of allergic reactions. Marked and pronounced antianemic and choleretic properties of zucchini.

With great benefits, the zucchini affects the hematopoietic system and fights the formation of atherosclerotic plaques inside the vessels. The blood of those who regularly eat dishes with this vegetable, in a sufficient dose, carries oxygen and holds it well. Thanks to the squash can successfully transfer significant loads on the muscles and skeleton.

Due to the presence of glucose, these vegetables cope with intestinal constipation, and alleviate the symptoms of diabetes.

And pectins, which are rich in flesh, help cleanse the body of radionuclides, clean blood and eliminate excess cholesterol. It is also noted that the zucchini is a good assistant in the fight against oncology.

Thus, it can be summed up that there are a sufficient number of vital compounds in the tavern, due to which the immune system is fully effective and the rate of cell aging, the basis of all living matter, is significantly reduced.


Zucchini flowers


Recommendations on the use of zucchini

Squashes belong to those plants that are well digested and have a low percentage of calories. Practice shows that these fruits are suitable for feeding even the smallest children, as well as suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Doctors advise to eat zucchini also for those who are recuperating and for people who have reached old age.

Of course, the raw vegetable is most useful. It has been found that potassium, nicotinic acid, thiamine and riboflavin are found in the structure of immature fruits. Such vegetables can be eaten directly with the peel, which, in turn, has excellent stimulating properties. It was found that the fruit with the peel is more valuable than the one that has been cooked, or overripe.

It is the zucchini in raw form that perfectly copes with slagging. It is enough to consume every day only 200 grams of these fruits to feel the result. Vegetables are also useful in cases of cholecystitis – the juice of raw fruits can be very useful for this problem. Zucchini are good as a fighter against poisoning. In the raw or slightly stewed form, the flesh of these vegetables is recommended for those who are recovering after the illness and for babies, and from the very first years of life.

These fruits, beloved by many, are very useful for the teeth and oral cavity in general, as well as the esophagus and stomach. As a prevention of problems with them, you can chop the flesh of a raw fruit and eat it 30 minutes before the main meal. It should start with one small spoon, gradually bringing the volume of gruel to half a glass. To eat pulp, thus, it is possible one or two months.

Juice of fresh squash is able to gently act on the state of the mucous membranes of the stomach and duodenum. And the fact that it contains enough copper and potassium, determines the value of vegetables when they are included in the diet of those who get rid of anemia, high blood pressure, trouble with nerves and heart.

Doctors found that zucchini well eliminate excess salt and heal joints with arthritis.

Separately, it is worthwhile to designate the peculiarity of squash seeds to successfully fight worms.

Making the final list of ailments with which the zucchini is able to fight, one should add to the already mentioned problems of gout, chronic kidney ailments, and hepatitis. This vegetable is able to make high-quality metabolism. In addition, it is worth eating for those who had to use antibiotics for a long time.

We respect the zucchini also for its rich set of benefits to cosmetologists. It is noticed that the crushed vegetable mass, used as an application on the face, is able to very effectively restore dry skin and prevent the formation of wrinkles.

If, before shampooing, apply squash juice to hair with rubbing movements, then after a while the appearance of the hair will improve and there will be fewer gray-colored units among them. In addition, these vegetables make the feet softer, prevent the appearance of callous areas.

Eat zucchini boldly can those women who want to get rid of cellulite or want to prevent its occurrence.


In what cases you can not eat zucchini and dishes from them?

These oblong vegetables should not be consumed in any form, if you suffer from gastritis, ulcerative manifestations on the gastric mucosa, or if you have revealed an increased acidity during the examination.

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