What the contents of the plate can tell about the person

What the contents of the plate can tell about the person

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In accordance with the statements of an expert in the food industry, Juliette Bogosyan, studying the relationship between food and a person over 20 years of age, looking at a plate of a person sitting opposite, you can find out more about his character than he can tell you.


Sign number 1. You allocate equal space for each type of food.

You plan everything in advance and never take on more than you can do. You are disciplined and never back down from your goals, clearly understanding what your abilities are and what you can do. You probably always finish the job and any project you undertake will be completed. In a word, you are a real “general in a skirt.”

Sign number 2. You inaccurately divide the boundaries between food and sauces

“Both the Shvets, the Reaper, and the Iguess in the pipe” is an expression from the comedy play by William Shakespeare that suits you best. Being a multitasking girl by nature, you never refuse interesting offers, even if there is sorely enough time for this. You are a fairly mundane and calm person who has long set life priorities based on timelines.

Sign number 3. Instead of a plate, you prefer food in a soup bowl

You are a tireless creative person striving to be unique. You are always ready to share pleasant unforgettable impressions with your close ones, and they only do that they are surprised how unconventionally you think. While reveling in one’s own peculiarity, you leave personal touches everywhere – in the workplace or at home.

Sign number 4. You eat from a friend’s plate with whom you have breakfast / lunch / dinner

At its core, you are an authoritarian person. You maintain a very close relationship with people you value , but there is a real difficulty in maintaining boundaries, often leading to confidentiality issues. Your openness leads to an excellent partnership – a lot of hugs, joint activities and dinners for two, but remember that people need free space.

Sign number 5. You eat each kind of food in turn

You are disciplined, methodical and focused on specific tasks. In interpersonal relationships, you value every phase, from courtship to ending with the creation of a family, completely belonging to the partner and giving him all your attention. Personal style can be described as timeless, because most often you stop at the classics.

Sign number 6. You mix products with each other

Bread and turkey become a sandwich, and salad is the basis for everything else? Your friends know you as a traditional conformist, tailored to the circumstances. You can be counted on at any time and on any day of the week. You are predictable, a little stubborn and very reliable. Be careful not to turn from a caring girl into a “watchman”. In fashion, you are most likely practical and buy a full ensemble right away to know for sure that all things will work perfectly together.

Sign number 7. You eat the main course and dessert from one plate

You approach the possibilities a little impulsively: when a chance knocks on your door, it is in your nature to use it as quickly as possible before anyone else can do it. You get down to business so quickly that you often miss other, more promising, opportunities. The “repentant customer” syndrome, which suffers from excessive expenses, is often compensated by even more impulsive actions.

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